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Is life stressing you out?  Are you feeling imbalanced and drained, physically and/or mentally?

I want to help! I strive on keeping class positive and fun while helping you slow down and unwind. You'll leave class feeling calm and relaxed and ready to face life's challenges.

About Us

Desert Zen Yoga School is owned and operated by Lori Fitzpatrick, owner of the former Desert Zen Yoga Studio. Desert Zen Yoga School currently meets at the Vail Chamber of Commerce building. The goal of Desert Zen Yoga School is to teach students about all aspects of yoga to include philosophy, meditation and physical practice. Most classes are taught as a series, allowing students to fully explore each topic before moving on to the next. Classes are accessible to all levels. 

Never tried yoga? Don't be intimidated or afraid; yoga is for every body type. I am passionate about helping you feel comfortable and safe.  Check out the Beginner's Tip page for my suggestions to get you started.

*Please note I have moved to Casa Grande and am looking for space to continue teaching.

Book online here or download our app Fit by Wix code:  YKWE4L

I have relocated to Casa Grande, AZ and will soon be teaching classes there. 


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