Drop ins welcome, you do not need to register online.

Please note this is the regular daily schedule.  This is not updated for special events and holiday weekends.  The most up to date schedule can be found on Vagaro.


6:00-6:45             Express Flow+(all year)

8:45-9:45             Gentle Yoga**+

10:00-11:00          Mindful Movement+

4:45-5:30             Express Flow+

5:45-6:45             Teen Power

7:00-8:00             Mellow Flow 75-heated+

*First Monday of each month, Family Yoga at 5:45pm


6:00-6:45             Express Flow+(Mar-Aug)

8:45-9:45             Yin+

10:00-11:00          Mellow Flow+

5:45-6:45             Mellow Flow+

7:00-8:00             11:11 The Practice

8:15-9:15             Yin+


6:00-6:45             Express Flow+(all year)

8:45-9:45             Gentle Yoga**+

10:00-11:00          Funky Flow

4:45-5:30             Yoga-Pilates Fusion 45+

5:45-6:45             Mindful Movement+

7:00-8:15             Yin to Yang 75- heated 

**These classes qualify for Silver Sneakers

+ These classes are recommended for beginners


6:00-6:45              Express Flow+(Mar-Aug)

8:45-9:45              Restorative Hour (as of 11/7)

10:00-11:00           Mellow Flow+

5:45-6:45              Buti

7:00-8:00              Mellow Flow+


6:00-6:45              Express Flow+(all year)

8:45-9:45              Gentle Yoga+

10:00-11:00           Funky Flow

5:45-6:45              Yoga Pilates Fusion+

7:00-8:00              Yin +


7:30-8:30              Power Flow-heated

9:00-10:00            Mellow Flow+

10:15-11:15          Yin to Yang (with meditation)



7:30-8:30             Yin to Yang+

9:00-10:00           11:11 The Practice 

10:30-11:30         Mellow Flow+

6:30-7:30             Yin+ 

^^Many times we have special schedules on holidays weekends.  Always check our Facebook page, Vagaro.com or click the link above to see the most accurate calendar.

Children in Class

  • Children 16 and older are welcome in all classes, even without an adult present.

  • Children 13-15 are allowed with a parent and possibly without a parent if Lori has spoken with the parent and given express permission for them to attend alone, this conversation must happen prior to the first class that they attend alone.

  • Children 11 and older are allowed to attend class with a parent as long as they can remain quiet and respectful and on their mat for the whole class. Sometimes an hour is too much physically for a younger child, if they cannot complete the whole class they must remain in child’s pose or savasana for the remainder of the class. Please try not to “parent” your child during class or interact as this is distracting to other students.

  • The price for children per class is still $10.


Please know that if a child attends class and is disruptive they will be asked not to attend in the future. Sometimes a child is just not mature enough to stay quiet and focused for an hour, there is nothing wrong with this, but we also must be respectful to the other students in class. At this time, children under 11 are not allowed to attend regular classes.

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