Lori Fitzpatrick

For 18 years Lori worked for the state and federal governments, while raising her four kids.  She struggled her whole life with debilitating anxiety.  Lori discovered the magic of yoga in a Bikram yoga class while coming off anti depressants.  It has brought much peace to her life and it is her passion to deliver that peace to as many people as possible.  Lori opened Desert Zen Yoga after identifying a need for yoga in the Vail area.  Lori was trained in the Baptiste Power Yoga style through Session Yoga and is also certified to teach Buti Yoga, 11:11 and childrens yoga and hopes that everyone can find a yoga class at Desert Zen Yoga that fits their personality.


When not doing or teaching yoga Lori enjoys reading,  spending time with her grandkids, riding the motorcycle with her husband, attending her sons hockey games and competing with her preteen daughter on who is more flexible.


Lori provides a free class once a week for teens to focus on body acceptance and self esteem.  It is Lori's hope that all teens realize how amazing they are and never doubt their ability to do anything they dream of.

Allyson Tyler

For many years Allyson groomed dogs before deciding to stay home to raise her family. During this time and due to her athletic nature, she explored different avenues of fitness including a lot of cardio and Power Lifting. After her husband had been away for work for an extended amount of time, Allyson found herself with an unhealthy level of stress, anxiety, and depression with no real calming outlet. Having had dabbled in yoga on and off for ten years, she felt drawn to really establish and deepen her practice knowing it made her feel better. When the opportunity presented itself to take 200-hour vinyasa teacher training at Shine in Winchester, VA under the tutelage of Caroline Felix and Amy Gwinner, it was a relatively easy decision for Allyson to make. With the support of her husband and kids, she embarked on a life changing journey.


In March 2017, Allyson graduated with a new outlook on life.  Since then, she has received certifications in Reiki II, Merge Level I, and CPR/AED as well as having taken continuing education in anatomy and physiology. She loves to share her knowledge with others to help them find healthy ways to improve mental well-being with the added benefits of increased strength, flexibility, and mobility. Allyson aims to hold a safe and peaceful space filled with possibility for her students.

Shay Pedersen

Shay Pedersen has been practicing yoga since 2000 and Pilates since 2007.  With a childhood full of dance and gymnastics, she craved a way to move and release energy into the world outside of just doing cardio and lifting weights at the gym.  It was an easy fit and she was hooked right away. Shay discovered that her yoga and Pilates practice not only filled her physical needs, but as an extra benefit, it grounded her and calmed her as well. She did her teacher training for mat Pilates in early 2010 and began teaching soon after.  Later that year she trained to teach yoga at the urging of her studio director at the time because he wanted an athletic, energetic vinyasa instructor and he thought she was a perfect fit.  She currently teaches mat Pilates, dynamic Vinyasa Hatha-based classes, classes for children and seniors and candlelight slow flow and stretch.


When she is not on the mat, Shay enjoys spending time with her three children and her boyfriend, Dillon.  She enjoys time with friends, as well, and doing home improvement projects, gardening, reading, listening to music and dancing, learning to play the guitar and dining out at a new places.  She loves anything that gets her heart pumping such as biking or hiking and has recently been introduced by her boyfriend to dirt-biking and paintball, which she and the kids are enjoying.

Chelsea Ervin

Chelsea found yoga in 2014 by way of different Instagram challenges.  In doing these challenges and trying different poses everyday, it became clear that this was the path she was meant to be on.  She cultivated her own practice for several years and in 2016, decided to leave her corporate job and spend all of her savings on her yoga teacher training.  She has never looked back since.  

Chelsea enjoys teaching vinyasa style, power yoga and Buti yoga.  She is one of the few certified Buti teachers in Tucson and loves the body positive community that surrounds the Buti practice.  Upon finding Buti yoga and becoming certified in 2018, she found herself finally being able  to accept and love her body for what it is.  She loves bringing the practice to others in hopes of encouraging women to love themselves and support each other.  Her goal for all of her classes is to create a safe space where students can feel comfortable moving how they want and practicing authentically.

Veronica Borrell

Veronica began her Yoga journey in 2008 when she was training for her first marathon. Soon after, she realized that the benefits of her practice went beyond the physical. Yoga gave her a new way to connect with herself, allowing her to reel in the mind through movement and breath. Wanting to share or love of yoga she got her 200 hours certification in 2015 at UpDog Yoga in Rochester, Michigan.


Veronica believes in functional movement, her classes focus on a combination of movement and stillness to build strength, balance and flexibility. She enjoys practicing and teaching, Power Yoga, Yin Yoga and Yoga Fit as well as working with older adults. For Veronica Yoga is a life journey that evolves every time you practice, offering the opportunity to connect with yourself, to get stronger and always to have a little fun!

When she is not teaching, she enjoys running, reading, baking and spending time with her family and her dog Sonny.

Robin Eskandari

Over the past several years, Robin grew such a passion for natural health and well being that she ventured out on a drastic career change. After working as an engineer for several years, she trusted her instinct and enrolled in the Southwest Institute of Healing Art’s Yoga Teacher Training program. She was deeply inspired by her teacher, Laura McKinzie, and having seen the tremendous mental, physical, and emotional growth of her entire class. Feeling such a profound transformation, she whole-heartedly shares the power of yoga with others. Most importantly, Robin strives to remove any intimidation from yoga, making it accessible and empowering to all. She believes that each experience on the yoga mat is a metaphor for life, one to walk out with, and letting the ‘real’ mind-stilling yoga practice begin. Her intention is to share all joyous aspects of yoga: wellness from the inside out.

Tiffanie is a 200 hour certified yoga instructor in Tucson, Arizona.

She was born and raised in Iowa where her yoga journey began. At age 15 Tiffanie bought a yoga video and started doing yoga at home in her bedroom.

In 2003 she moved to Tucson where she met her husband. She continued doing her yoga videos until 2011 when she finally made it to her first public yoga class. This made her have a whole new love for yoga.

In 2017, after being a stay at home Mom of 3 kids, she felt called to become a yoga instructor so she could share her love of yoga with others. Tiffanie had also noticed she came across many people who said they wanted to try yoga but were too intimidated. She felt that she really needed to show people that yoga can be for everyone!

She started her yoga teacher training at Yoga Oasis in Tucson in Feb. 2018 and graduated in Oct. 2018.

Tiffanie Gardiner

Julie just graduated with her masters in special education in May of 2018 and is working towards becoming a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. She has been teaching special education in Tucson for about 13 years. Julie currently work with students with Autism at a private school in town. She has always had sort of a tenuous relationship with yoga until she found Buti. Julie discovered Buti yoga about 6 months ago after seeing an ad on Facebook of all things. She had been desperately looking for something new, something that she knew would balance her. Julie has always been passionate about health and fitness. She's done everything from weights to boxing to being a cardio junkie. While she got physical results with all those things, none of them truly resonated with her spirit and as such, didn't last. Movement is Julie's medicine, She's always loved dance but has never been great at choreography. She knew that yoga was something she probably needed not just physically, but mentally and spiritually as well, but she just couldn't quiet my mind enough to enjoy it or reap the benefits. From the first moment Julie tried Buti, she was in love. Buti yoga has changed how Julie thinks about herself and how she presents herself to the world. Julie no longer "works out" for the physical results... she flows because it's what feeds her soul and opens her heart and mind. Through this practice she has found more acceptance, not only of the skin she is  in, but of the person that she is.  Julie is more equipped to move through her day with intention and confidence and feel that there is very little she is faced with that she can't work through on the mat. Julie is so excited and honored to share with others what Buti does for her.

Julie Daniel

Pattie Johnson

Pattie first began her yoga journey over 20 years ago. Having raised two daughters on her own, yoga came and went in and out of her life for most of those years as the needs of her family evolved. In 2018, Pattie was diagnosed with breast cancer. She knew the time had come for her to dedicate more focus and energy on wellness. Already very focused on lifestyle changes at the time, the diagnosis kicked her wellness journey into high gear. Yoga became Pattie’s refuge. She knew the people she had surrounded herself with, the yoga community, would be her pillar. Pattie enrolled at Yoga Therapy College where Maria Mendola and Patricia Hillyard became her mentors. Pattie’s only desire is to bring yoga to as many people as she can. She enjoys helping her students relax and turn their energy inward, healing their bodies and minds. Pattie is especially interested in Ayurvedic healing, the belief that health and wellness depend on a delicate balance between the mind, body, and spirit.

When not practicing yoga, Pattie enjoys spending quality time with her family, especially her grand babies, reading and travelling.


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