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New to Yoga???

  • Yoga can be done every day, there is no need for breaks or rest days.

  • To take a yoga class you only need your body, some water and a mat. I also recommend a block and strap for beginners.  

  • Dress as you would for any workout, in comfortable clothes that will move with your body.  No shoes are allowed inside the studio space.

  • Yoga is about connecting your body, your mind and your breath.  Don't ever worry about what is happening on the other mats in the room.  Do what feels right for your body. 

  • It is called practicing yoga for a reason.  We will never reach perfection in yoga.  We are always learning, always practicing.  There are no "yoga competitions".  Recognize that your yoga journey will be different from everyone else.

  • I am there to guide the class through a sequence.  At any time you can take different movements or rest.  I will never be offended by this.

  • Yoga is for EVERY body (unless your doctor has advised otherwise). Yoga is about moving YOUR body in a way that feels good.  If you have limitations let me know so I may guide you through modifications or props to use.

  • Taking modifications and using props is NOT cheating.  I would prefer that you modify or use props to avoid pain or injury.  

  • Yoga should not be painful.  You will feel resistance when your muscles are stretching, but you should never be in pain.  Bend your knees if you need to, bring your hands to blocks, place a knee on the mat during plank or Downdog.  Do what feels right for your body.  If a pose is extremely difficult or causes you pain, please ask  for a modification.  

  • All bodies are different.  Some people may be strong and able to do arm balances, some may be more flexible and some may excel at balancing.  Yoga works all of these areas.  Don't become frustrated if you struggle in any of these areas.  The more time you put in the better you will become.

  • Child's Pose is yoga.  Child's Pose is a resting pose and a safe place to come at any time during your practice if you need to slow your breath or rest.  You can stay in Child's Pose for a whole class if you'd like.  That is yoga.    

  • If you ever have any questions, feel free to ask.  I love to answer your questions and make yoga the best experience for you!

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